The GLC mobile app is almost here. Are you ready?

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Our brand new mobile app is ready to be released and we want your shop to be ready!

It’s been a huge project and we’re happy to tell you that the mobile app is finally ready for shoppers. It’ll be released any day, as soon as Apple approves it. (Any day now!)

With over 80% of our shoppers being on a mobile device, it’s clear that a mobile app is critical to your sales effort and our combined success.  The app makes shopping GLC so easy.  Your shoppers will now have super fast one tap checkout.  No need for address or credit card forms.  Virtually nothing to type at checkout.

In our first release, all the effort has been placed on the shopping experience.  Our next release will incorporate your seller dashboard and instant uploads of new items as well as order management right from the phone.  We expect the update in about 3 – 4 weeks.

As you may know, we offer you your choice of Stripe credit card processing or PayPal as your payment method.  Mobile apps have certain limitations and we can’t support both Stripe and PayPal in the same app.

So, here’s a heads up;  To have your items offered on the mobile app (at least for now), you’ll need to enable the Stripe checkout in your shop.  If you use Stripe, you’ll still get paid automatically and payments will go to any checking account you specify.

If you already have Stripe enabled, you’re all set.  So if you currently have PayPal set as your payment method, you should consider enabling the Stripe payment option so your items can be sold on the app.


 We thought you might enjoy a few screenshots.  Click for a larger view.  Esc to return.

Of course we’ll off the Android version in the near future.

Till next time..  All the best to you!  – Joe