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What’s so special about GLC?

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Have you ever heard of a co-op?  It’s something that was developed in the 19th century to help groups of family farms band together so they could function as one;  To give them a bigger voice.  It helped the small farms avoid being crushed by the big marketers who would pay the farmer little for his product, then command a much higher price from the consumer.  The co-op gave the collective group of farmers a more powerful voice to demand fair treatment, find markets for their products and work to the mutual benefit of the farming community.

That’s how GLC is modeled.

Our goal from the beginning was to give a safe haven to small farms, crafters, family businesses and generally the little guy looking to turn a passion into a business.

We recognized that the world needs to continue on in a sustainable way.  One of the most sustainable ways to conduct business is through decentralization of production, making use of motivated and specialized owners of small business.  We also know that individual producers, crafters and farmers get crushed these days.

So we created the concept of Green Life Center as a safe haven for anyone who produces and needs access to markets.

But how is GLC any different than other websites where you can get a shop and offer your things for sale?

Here’s how.  In keeping with the safe haven concept, we don’t charge you anything at all for your shop.  No fees, no listing charges, no advertising charges,  no up-sell of any kind.

You get to open your shop, list everything you want and never pay a dime until you sell it.  Then you pay us only 5% of the sale.

Until you sell it, it costs you nothing to offer it for sale and expose your items to the entire world.

What do you get for your eventual 5%?

We pay for:

  • On-going development of the site
  • Google, Bing and every other search engine listing and advertising of your items
  • Monthly hosting, services and operating costs
  • Facebook advertising of your items
  • Mobile app development (Coming soon)

What do we expect from our sellers?

  • Quality items and prompt accurate delivery
  • A little help making our collective site a success

Help us help you

You might have noticed that every item listing page has a SHARE link.  Using this function, you can promote your items as well as those of our other sellers.  You could share on Twitter or Facebook or any other social media you may use.

When you share an item, you set in motion a chain of events that definitely leads to sales and growth of the site.  When you share things, eventually someone will click and take a look.  They might buy it or some other irresistible item ( Our crafters sure create a lot of irresistible items! ).  Regardless, if they don’t buy or look at other things, our advertising machine will kick into gear.  For several days, those very things our shopper has perused will show in ads on Facebook and around the Internet, wherever the shopper goes.  It’s a process known as re-marketing.  It’s a way to remind the shopper of the great items she saw and invite her back to shop again.

All of this happens just because you took the time to self promote and share items on GLC.   If you’re really a team player, you share items by other sellers too!

So you see, working as a co-op, we have to co-operate and to our mutual benefit we grow together.  One less thing is made overseas and one more family has a little more to show for the effort.  That’s the Green part of GLC.

While you’re here, take a look at this really short 15 second video.  I’ll bet you play it over and over.  It’s the third of a series of mini promotional videos we are producing for you to use and share on social media.  You can find them all on our Facebook page ( @GreenLifeCenterShops ).  Feel free to use and share them on your own pages.  Don’t forget to like us while you’re on Facebook.

Here’s the video…

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  1. lisa roloff (@lisathewerecat)

    I saw this site listed and recommended on facebook. The post said this was a US Veteran owned page / business. Is that true? I’m looking to set up shop to sell my work to help support myself and my 87 yr old Korean War Era Marine Veteran daddy. He has dementia so I need to be here full time rather than get a conventional job. It would be lovely to be able to set up a shop on a site that is Veteran owned to help support my Veteran daddy. Please advise. 🙂

    1. Yes, Veteran owned and we are about to begin a big push to let all of our veteran sellers place the “Veteran Owned” badge on their items and shop pages. You are more than welcome to setup your shop.

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