You Can Start Selling Today

Tips on how to get people to look at your items and into your shop.

You Can Start Selling Today

You have to love it.  When you look for a site to sell your product these are the first words you see.  Is it possible?  Will you start selling today?

Selling online is a lot different than opening a local business in your town. If you open a family owned business in your town, you  can have a “Grand Opening” which will show potential customers what you have.  Selling on line is a lot different. When you sell on line, you have to come up with ways to bring people into your shop. There is tremendous competition online because thousands of people are selling the same item you are.   The problem is how to get them in your shop. Green Life Center advertises their shops on line, but so do the other sites. The key is, how to draw people into YOUR shop to view your items.

When I first started selling on line, I thought that all I had to do was put a picture up, with a title and a small description of the item. Well, I did it. In a years time, I got 4 sales. One day I was surfing the site I was selling on and looking at other shops.  I came across this shop that had beautiful hand painted beach and ocean scenes on reclaimed wood. I was amazed at the talent.  So I sent her an email to tell her how lovely the shop was. The next day I received a letter with an apology because she wanted to give me some advise about my shop. She commented that I had lovely things but no tags to get people into my shop. Then she gave me examples. I responded that I wasn’t angry and thanked her.


Tags aren’t for decoration. When you add tags to your item listing, it helps Google find your item and send shoppers to see it.

Then I went to work. I looked at her shop and understood totally what she meant. The titles of her items were clear and precise. The description of her items were clear. I knew what I was looking to buy.  She had 13 tags with key words to draw people from the internet to her shop. I started following her example and sales started coming in. I sent her a very nice thank you letter. She gave me the the drive to make my shop best it can be and I did a lot of research on what more I could do. I redid all my items from the title to the description to the tags.

Showing the item from five views will give the shopper a clear understanding of what he is buying and lets you show off your item. Good background choices and photography are critical.

So how do you get people into your shop? You start with the picture. The picture of your item needs to be clear. You want your item viewed from all sides. So you take five pictures viewing all angles.

Next comes your title. Green Life Center allows 140 characters for title so use as many of them as you can. When people come into Green Life Center, they come in looking for a specific item. The description in your title helps them find it.  For example, if your item is a pearl necklace you could use: Pearl Necklace, Ladies Necklace, 18″ Necklace, Mothers Day Gift, Lady’s Christmas Gift, Stocking Stuffer, Silver Necklace.

Then comes your description. Why should people buy your necklace? They will want to know what it is made of and it’s size. That’s important because all the potential customer has is a picture to go from.  You can mention what inspired you to make it. Mention how the necklace would be a perfect accessory. You can say that it would make a great gift for yourself or others; or, what a nice Mother’s Day, Christmas gift, birthday gift, etc. it would make. After you have told how wonderful the necklace is, let them know when you will send it. For example 1-2 business days. Then let them know you have other lovely items and tell them how to get to your shop.

The last thing you do are the tags. These are probably the most important because they bring people in who are searching on the internet to your item.  Green Life Center encourages 13 tags. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with that many for an item, but if you think hard you can.  And example for the necklace would be: Pearl Necklace, Lady’s Necklace, Pearl Necklaces, Women’s Jewelry, Necklaces, Mother’s Day Gifts, Stocking Stuffers for Ladies, Lady’s Birthday, Mother’s Day Gift, Silver Jewelry, Silver Necklaces, Gift For Girlfriend, Lady’s Christmas Gift. Keep in mind it takes time for your tags to get out on the internet.

It’s important to periodically check you description and tags. I do this regularly and many times find that I can describe an item better, or come up with better tags.  You are building a business and it’s important to make it the best your can. You can make 2018 the year your business grows and becomes successful.

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