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Who we are
  • Green Life Center, LLC (GLC) is an online marketplace and community designed to help people who operate small family businesses and small farms reach shoppers who want to buy goods that are handmade or produced in an Earth friendly way or are items that are good for the Earth.
  • We do not accept items for sale that are mass produced in overseas factories and are destined for big box megastores.
  • Essentially we are about sustainability of the family unit, family economy and a sustainable Earth.
  • We're OK with many different kinds of products.  They don't all have to be organic or made from dried dirt!   
  • We also welcome antique and vintage items because we believe re-using items instead of making new items is good for the Earth.
  • To us, "green" implies that the item was produced or re-purposed using the most Earth friendly way possible.  Also "green" means that a working family or small business is offering the product, not an importer.  We are here for you, the independant merchant and you the shopper who cares that high quality things are produced by individuals, not robots.
  • We hope you will appreciate and adopt our way of thinking so we can help folks employ themselves, help you reduce your footprint on the planet and keep our money local.