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What can I sell on GLC?  You can sell anything that is handmade, natural, organic, produced by a small family business or generally speaking, not mass produced. We also accept vintage / antique items, art and now we accept items for electronic download. It could be your own works of music or literary art. See the trend here? We just don't want mass produced junk from over seas.


Do you accept Paypal?   Yes, just sign up with your Paypal account.


Do I have to use PayPal?   No, if you're a shopper, you can use any major credit or debit card.  If you're a seller, you can sign up for you own credit card processing account.  PayPal not required.


Which is better?  Shoppers will have a better checkout experience if you let us give you a credit card processing account.  Some people just prefer PayPal.  Also PayPal processing fees are a little higher.  You are free to use whichever payment method you prefer.


What hidden fees do you charge sellers?  None.  We don't charge any fees at all for search engine listings, Facebook advertising or monthly listing fees.  We only charge a small commission when you sell something.  GLC is the best deal anywhere for shoppers and sellers.  By keeping it simple and free to own a shop, everybody saves money.

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