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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I get paid?

A. At the top of your seller dashboard, click PAYMENT SETTINGS then GET PAID.  From there you can enter your Paypal address or get a Stripe account.  We recommend the Stripe account because Stripe makes it easier for shoppers to buy multiple items from you and other sellers in a single shopping cart experience.  You can even have both if you want to.


Q. What can I sell?

A. You can sell mostly anything that is handmade, or natural or produced by you or a small family business.  Our objective is to keep business and production on a human scale.  We don't want items made in huge factories or mass produced.  We also welcome fresh from the farm foods, crafts, recycled and re-purposed items,  vintage and antiques.   Of course we won't accept items that are illegal, dangerous or otherwise violate our policies.