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Your safety, security and privacy is very important to us.

We go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction.

  • We will never sell our member list or email addresses or give the them to anyone else.
  • We will never store your credit card number or bank information.  It's more convenient for you if we do, but we want to make sure a hacker can't get to it.  So once we setup your account or you make a purchase.. that information is outa here.
  • We use Stripe Payment Systems and PayPal to process orders.  They are the largest, most secure and most widely used payment systems in the world.  
  • Our site is secured 24 / 7 by Sitelock; A service that continually scans our site, looking for intrusions and blocking them before they can get in.
  • We also provide at no cost to you, Norton Shopping Guarantee.  It gives you ID theft protection, best price guarantees and buyer protection should you ever become disatisfied that our sellers have not performed to your satisfaction.  
  • Our aim is to make sure you have a safe and secure experience with GLC and that you can sell and shop with complete confidence.