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Terms of Use for

We hope you don't mind.  It's in clear language.  No legalese.


This term of use statement will apply to all vendors or buyers of product, and users of the website “”, owned and Operated by Green Life Center, LLC (GLC)


  • Green Life Center, LLC offers memberships to its website at no cost.
  • Green Life Center, LLC offers vendor memberships to individuals, businesses and sole proprietorships at no cost.
  • All sales are subject to customary credit card processing fees which can vary from card to card or bank to bank.
  • All vendors are required to pay any applicable taxes, local, state or federal in accordance with laws in effect.
  • All vendors agree to hold GLC harmless for claims arising from buyers for any reason.
  • All buyers agree to hold GLC harmless from claims arising from vendors who offer product on the GLC website.
  • GLC agrees not to voluntarily sell, disclose or offer for sale any vendor or buyer credit card records, names, addresses or personal information.
  • GLC is not responsible for any information that is disclosed by buyers or sellers to each other or the public.
  • Vendors will agree to accurately describe all products and services they list for sale.  GLC will not be held responsible for the accuracy of such seller descriptions.
  • Buyers will hold GLC harmless if a dispute arises regarding the accuracy of such buyer descriptions.
  • GLC will not retain complete credit card information in its software or servers.
  • GLC will from time to time offer advice from independent individuals who profess to be knowledgeable in certain areas.  GLC will not be held responsible for the accuracy, efficacy or soundness of any advice given.  Both buyers and sellers of goods or services or casual readers or users of the website agree to hold GLC harmless of any damage, insult, loss of income, or other offense that might arise from the opinions and advice of others that are posted on the GLC website.
  • All users of any kind that  visit the GLC website, post opinions or comments, list products for sale or shop for products agree to hold GLC harmless from copyright infringement arising from any image, information, photograph or use of any trademarked brand name or intellectual property that has been posted by any member, user or vendor.
  • Disputes arising from commerce between any seller or buyer remain between the seller and buyer.  GLC will bear no responsibility to refund or replace any product, or mitigate any loss for any reason.  GLC may upon occasion agree to act as a non-binding arbitrator between parties with disputes, but will in no way bear the responsibility for any cash value loss.
  • GLC reserves the right to suspend or cancel any membership or any vendor account at any time for any reason.
  • In the event of a dispute which results in a refund for any purchase made, GLC will retain its sales commission, which is its payment for providing the commerce environment.  Having provided such environment and the transaction was successfully transacted, GLC has earned its commission and no subsequent dispute between the buyer and seller will negate the earned commission.
  • GLC will provide a rating system that describes the relative “greenness” of a product or service.  This rating is subjective and the criteria for deriving such rating will change from time to time.  Such rating is not intended to assert or describe the suitability of any product for any purpose.  GLC will bear no responsibility for disagreement any buyer or seller may have with the rating system.
  • Images, product descriptions and product claims are placed on the web site by its members without the knowlege or supervision of Green Life Center, LLC.  Users of the system agree to hold GLC harmless from any claim of copyright, patent or trademark infringement. 
  • This agreement is subject to change unilaterally by Green Life Center, LLC at any time.
  • All merchants that offer products on GLC agree to release any photo, graphic image or likeness that the merchant has posted on GLC for use by GLC in any and all promotions that GLC undertakes.
  • All users agree, whether seller or buyer, that all errors in pricing and or shipping terms are not the fault of GLC.  It is the sellers responsibility to verify that all pricing and shipping terms is correct.  GLC will be held harmless in event of any dispute resulting from incorrect pricing or shipping terms.