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2 Live Downy Rattlesnake Plantain Jewel Orchid Plants For Fairy Garden, Terrarium, Garden


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This listing if for a package of Two (2) Downy Rattlesnake Plaintain Orchids (Goodyera Pubescens). These were dug and set in one of my terrariums for several months and have done wonderfully. 

These plants have green leaves with white veins throughout and are only about 2 - 3 inches high when not in bloom. In July or August, they send up a shoot with beautiful white flowers. The shoot is about 5-6 inches high. They prefer a moist, well drained soil. In the garden they are perennial and winter over nicely in a bed of leaves. 

They mix well with ferns, mosses and other woodland plants. 
In a terrarium setting, with limited height, you can pinch back the flower shoot as you would a coleus when it sends up it's shoot. 

As always, these are pesticide free.

As with all my plants, these will be packaged with my own pesticide free sphagnum to keep them moist and fresh during shipment.

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